Maha Al Musa offers you:

Introduction to EmbodyBirth™ and BellydanceBirth

Birth is meant to be an instinctual and embodied experience but when a pregnant woman is engulfed in fears surrounding childbirth, it’s easy for them to become stuck in seeing birth as a negative experience.


is a birth preparation program that helps mothers address their fears so they can immerse themselves in their birth preparation journey with renewed clarity and confidence.

EmbodyBirth™ is NOT like any other childbirth preparation program. It is a comprehensive deep-dive into self-discovery!

This 2-days course reassures and affirms a woman’s innate power to give birth and it always places mothers and babies at the center of the experience.

If you have a strong desire to support expectant mothers with their babies through this rite of passage, this is the program for you! The course will be taught in French.

5 - 6 of October
Geneve, Switzerland

390 CHF


  1. Fostering a deeply sacred, meaningful, and positive birth experience.
  2. Decreasing fears conveyed by how birth is portrayed by the media or a previous traumatic birth experience.
  3. Allowing women to claim their power in pregnancy after being controlled or let down by the medical model.
  4. Gaining the confidence to give birth as nature intended.

Learning practical and powerful ways to move their body during labor to aid in childbirth.

Who is this course for?

  • Mothers-to-be
  • People wanting to conceive a child
  • Doulas, midwives and other birth professionals
  • Instructors of Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dance, or any other sports suitable for pregnant women
  • Therapists working with pregnant women

About Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa is the founder and creator of EmbodyBirth and BellydanceBirth Maha’s signature childbirth education and preparation program for mothers-to-be and birth professionals since 1997. 

She is the author of Dance of the Womb: The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth, a book endorsed by renowned birth luminaries such as Dr. Michel Odent, Sheila Kitzinger, Dr. Sarah Buckley and Dr Christiane Northrup. Her BellydanceBirth® video series has been endorsed by the National Allergy Centre of Excellence (NACE) Australia and the Australian Doula College.

Maha is also an international speaker, natural birth and breastfeeding advocate, as well as the mother to 3 beautiful children, all born as nature intended.

Maha gave birth to her last daughter Aminah at home, when she was 46 years of age. Aminah was breastfed till she self-weaned at 8.5 years, when Maha was 54. They have both been featured and interviewed on various TV shows both national and international, magazines and online publications.

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    Construction of the


    with Luigi Jannarone

    “The sound of the drum is the voice of the Great Spirit. When it speaks, our hearts beat together as one” (Black Elk-Sioux Spiritual Guide)

    In shamanic symbology the drum is the beating of the heart and its sound makes us vibrate together with the heart of the cosmos. It is the language that unites Father Sky to Mother Earth and which is expressed with the powerful voice of thunder. It is also the means of transport by which the shaman moves to the different worlds: his rhythmic beating it takes him to other states of consciousness, to trance, to Spirit. It is in the inner rhythm that the ancient roots of the drum sink, born with the aim of amplifying the percussive act of clapping hands or any other part of the body. Thus man learns to give form and regular structure to his song and through the continuous beating of the drum he connects to the constant cyclicity of nature and to the rhythmic pulsations of his manifestations.

    7/8 October 2023
    Caprice (VB)4

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    IMAGO offers you:


    IMAGO Relationship Therapy is about growing, developing and enriching your relationships in a conscious, authentic and caring way to (re)find serenity.


    Listen, Understand, Grow

    Even if siblings have the same parents, each child has his or her own story. He or she is born into a different space-time with their own basic temperament. Each child perceives his or her parents in a different way. Siblings, gender and other factors are important. Their relationship is built in this context according to each individual’s perception. During this workshop, you’ll be accompanied in a safe, trust-based environment that will enable you to make a deeper connection. Thanks to clear, structured dialogues, you’ll be able to express things you’ve never said before. never before mentioned. Facilitators Davine and Dr med. Lars Bonowski are Imago therapists in Germany, and run inter-generational and sibling workshops. They are committed to developing authentic dialogue within families, in order to to enrich bonds.

    From Friday, November 17 at 3pm to Sunday, November 19, 2023

    Anne-Josée Perroud
    Phone +41 78 796 60 01

    without accommodation and meals