The term hypnosis refers both to altered states of consciousness and to the techniques used to create these states (known as induction techniques). The characteristics of the hypnotic state vary from person to person and depend on their personality, the context, the method used, the suggestions made and the depth of the hypnotic induction. People can also develop spontaneous hypnosis or induce their own hypnosis. This is known as self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis has a wide range of therapeutic applications, including the management of pain, anxiety disorders, addictions such as smoking, and behavioural disorders.


Developed by Dr Allan Botkin, an American psychotraumatologist, IADC (Induced After Death Communication) or CIAM (Communication Induite Après la Mort) therapy is a brief therapy targeted at traumatic bereavement or bereavement that is difficult to overcome. It differs from other approaches and techniques in that it achieves deeper and more permanent results, particularly in the case of insurmountable grief.

Holotropic breathing

Holotropic breathing is a personal development method based on an intensive breathing approach. Developed by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, this technique aims to explore the depths of the unconscious mind using rapid, deep breathing, often accompanied by music and psychological support. During a holotropic breathing session, participants engage in an intensive breathing process that can induce altered states of consciousness. 

This method is designed to release emotional blocks, access repressed memories and promote an expansion of consciousness. Holotropic breathing is practised in a safe, guided environment, allowing participants to explore their psyche in a deep and liberating way.

Shamanic drumming

The drum is an ancestral instrument in many cultures. It occupies a special place as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Made from natural materials, the shamanic drum evokes an intimate connection with nature.

Traditionally used in shamanic rituals, the beat of the drum creates a hypnotic rhythm, inviting the shaman and his companions to enter altered states of consciousness. The rhythm facilitates access to spiritual dimensions, encouraging meditation, healing and communication with the spirits. Each stroke of the drum is like a syncopated heartbeat that guides the inner journey, triggering visions, deep reflections and transcendental experiences. In this way, the shamanic drum transcends its status as a musical instrument to become a powerful means of spiritual navigation, linking the individual to a mystical world.

Imago therapy

Developed by clinical psychologist Harville Hendrix and couples therapist Helen LaKelly Hunt, Imago Therapy is an innovative approach to understanding and transforming intimate relationships. Fundamentally, Imago therapy is based on the belief that our love partners act as mirrors, reflecting our unresolved childhood wounds. 

The Imago therapist guides couples through a structured communication process, emphasising empathic listening and mutual understanding. Partners learn to express their needs constructively, recognise repetitive relationship patterns and work together to heal old wounds. The central notion is that the relationship offers an opportunity for personal growth and mutual healing. Imago therapy focuses on creating deep emotional connection and renewed intimacy, transforming conflict into opportunities for evolution and mutual understanding within the couple.

Holistic nutrition

Holistic nutrition is an integral approach to health that considers not only the physical aspects, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the individual. Rather than focusing solely on food as a source of energy, holistic nutrition aims to nourish the body, mind and soul in a balanced way. 

This approach recognises that each person is unique, with specific nutritional needs depending on their lifestyle, physical make-up, emotional state and spiritual beliefs. Holistic nutrition encourages the consumption of whole, unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods to support physical health, while incorporating practices such as mindful eating, gratitude and connection with nature to promote emotional and spiritual balance. By taking a holistic perspective, this approach to nutrition aims to create overall well-being by harmonising the different facets of a person’s life.

EmbodyBirth™ and BellydanceBirth

Birth is meant to be an instinctual and embodied experience but when a pregnant woman is engulfed in fears surrounding childbirth, it’s easy for them to become stuck in seeing birth as a negative experience. 

EmbodyBirth™ ~Unlock and Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom~ is a birth preparation program that helps mothers address their fears so they can immerse themselves in their birth preparation journey with renewed clarity and confidence.

EmbodyBirth™ is NOT like any other childbirth preparation program. It is a comprehensive deep-dive into self-discovery! 

It reassures and affirms a woman’s innate power to give birth and it always places mothers and babies at the -> center <- of the experience.