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Nurture your journey to personal growth with our supportive community

Find inner strength with empowering workshops that build resilience and reduce stress. Join a positive community and enhance your well-being for a fulfilling life.

Upcoming workshops

Experience the power of transformation with our upcoming workshops taking place in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Our mission is to foster personal growth through alternative therapies.

The creation of a community will allow you to be in contact with other people who have decided to make the same path as you. We think that the work we can do for ourselves can help us to find answers that are within us.

Unconditional love
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We work with professional therapists.

Our experienced therapists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each workshop, guiding participants on a journey towards physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Our retreat center in Italy is a great place to share experiences and meet the community.

All people are welcome to come and participate to our internships and retreats, singularly or in pairs.

Open Your Mind retreat center in Italy
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from EmbodyBirth and Belly dance workshop

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