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Construction of the


with Luigi Jannarone

“The sound of the drum is the voice of the Great Spirit. When it speaks, our hearts beat together as one” (Black Elk-Sioux Spiritual Guide)

In shamanic symbology the drum is the beating of the heart and its sound makes us vibrate together with the heart of the cosmos. It is the language that unites Father Sky to Mother Earth and which is expressed with the powerful voice of thunder. It is also the means of transport by which the shaman moves to the different worlds: his rhythmic beating it takes him to other states of consciousness, to trance, to Spirit. It is in the inner rhythm that the ancient roots of the drum sink, born with the aim of amplifying the percussive act of clapping hands or any other part of the body. Thus man learns to give form and regular structure to his song and through the continuous beating of the drum he connects to the constant cyclicity of nature and to the rhythmic pulsations of his manifestations.

Included in this offering

2 days Stages


All material necessary to build the Tambour

Swimming pool

1st day

The construction of the drum is taught in a traditional Native Prairie way and includes the material to make it: wild Deer skin, wooden hoop, clapper.


The making process involves a lot of dedication and patience. The individual steps take time and teach us to slow down, breathe, be in the present moment, while also making ourselves available to each other.


Each drum will be unique and different from all because it will carry with it the story that gave it life.

2nd day

Open ceremony to be able to play the Tambour . The shamanic drum is also believed to have healing properties. in this day you can learn The sound and rhythm of the drum can help to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit, and can be used in energy healing and other forms of holistic therapy.

7/8 October 2023
Caprezzo (VB)4


260€ for 2 days

Sleeping place - 50€ / night

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